Sunday, 5 July 2009

Your Domain Name Already Taken? How I do overcome it?

If we create a company website we want to .com behind the name of our domain, but have been widely used .com in the world. So what if the domain name we already have or already in use by another person behind the name of the .com domain. There are still quiet .net or .org for stored behind the name of our domain. If you build a virtual organization such as Nonprofit company .org domain to be used. using a .net or .org will not violate trademarks. Because the Federal Court has decided the site free to deliver a net non-commercial purposes.

If you still want to use the .com after your domain name you can change your domain name with a different name, but not all names that are available can be used, and note the use of similar names that may lead to trademark infringement. So, be - careful to use the domain name. and if it happens then that will happen is:
Names that are similar will make the consumer feel, and sites that are actually used by commercial website
Domain names must be purchased or leased as of goods. If your domain name is used in a commercial website and domain owner will sell it to you. What is the price of a domain name? price of a domain name depends on how the characters use, use the .com or net. you can buy a domain name with a lot of ways. one of them by visiting